Man320/Mgmt4000 & Man351/Mgmt3000
Student Process Improvement Projects

Tony Polito

Department of Management, Terry School of Business, University of Georgia

UGa Biotech Center (Undergrad Services/Marky Marketers, Spring, 1997-1998)

Mailboxes, Etc. (The Motivated Managers, Spring, 1997-1998)

Riverclub Apartments (Bulldog Consultants, Spring, 1997-1998)

Monroe Post Office (Sanford Consulting, Spring, 1997-1998)

Winn Dixie (The Problem Solvers, Spring, 1997-1998)

Athens' Legendary Ice Cream Counter at Hodgson's Pharmacy (The Bus Drivers, Spring, 1997-1998)
... they're the Bus Drivers 'cause they're taking you to school!

Beeco Building Contracting (The Future CEOs, Spring, 1997-1998)

Athens Print Company (The Consultants, Spring, 1997-1998)

Destination Success (The Extreme Team, Spring, 1997-1998)

Dial America (Generation X, Spring, 1997-1998)

University of Georgia Driving Range (Primo-Ritas, Fall, 1997-1998)

Hudson, Montgomery and Kalivoda Law Firm (Sleepers, Fall, 1997-1998)

OfficeMax (Reservoir Dawgs, Fall, 1997-1998)

Kappa Delta Sorority (Armadillos, Fall, 1997-1998)

The Red and Black (Brat Pack, Fall, 1997-1998)

University Commons (Yankees, Fall, 1997-1998)

Hibbett Sports Shoe (Icicles, Fall, 1997-1998)

Le Chateau Apartments (Widgets, Fall, 1997-1998)

President's Office, University of Georgia (Eliminators, Fall, 1997-1998)

Blockbuster Music (Stars, Fall, 1997-1998)

 Gibbs Car LockOut Service (Team Warthog, Summer, 1996-1997)

Eckerd Drug, Albany, Georgia (Team Six Pack, Summer, 1996-1997)

UGa Transit System Parts Inventory (Supersonic Five, Summer, 1996-1997)

Banks in Athens (The CEO's, Summer, 1996-1997)

UGa Transit System Customer Feedback (The Professionals, Summer, 1996-1997)

CertainTeed Corporation (The Suits & Ties, Summer, 1996-1997)

Horton Business Services (The Gambinos, Summer, 1996-1997)

Cuby Systems, Inc. (Das Geld, Summer, 1996-1997)

Ghost Dance Designs (Service Quest, Summer, 1996-1997)

Applebee's (Oasis Industries, Spring, 1996-1997)

Burke Engineering (Bigdawg Consulting, Spring, 1996-1997)

Flower and Gift Basket, Inc. (Sandlot Management Team, Spring, 1996-1997)

Logan's Roadhouse (The BoozCrew, Spring, 1996-1997)

Target Drug (M*A*S*H Team, Spring, 1996-1997)

Tate Theatre / University of Georgia Student Union (Hogan's Heroes, Spring, 1996-1997)

Sons of Athens (Dos Equis, Spring, 1996-1997)

South Milledge Video (The Five to One Team, Spring, 1996-1997)

Myers Hall Work Order Process (The Capones, Winter, 1996-1997)

Uniforms Unlimited (The Untouchables, Winter, 1996-1997)

Mexicali Grille (The Mob, Winter, 1996-1997)

UGa Recycling Program (Team Spades, Summer, 1995-1996)