The New System

To better organize and keep track of the ever increasing number of drawings, CertainTeed is now implementing a new file management system. Modern drafting is done almost entirely by Computer Aided Design (CAD). Most of CertainTeed's recent drawings are done on the computer program AutoCad by Autodesk. These recent drawing files, are being put on a computer network allowing almost instantaneous access to the drawings for many of CertainTeed's employees.

These drawings are accessible through a ‘viewing program' integrated with Netscape. The 'viewing program', called Slick!, allows technicians to view and print the drawing file but not alter it. There are now three terminals which allow file access, and future plans are to place additional terminals throughout the factory to reduced walking time. Already, the partial implementation of this system has increased efficiency considerably.

The shop order numbers are now listed on the company web page. Previously, it took at 7-10 minutes to find the right drawing (sometimes the drawing would not be found.). Now, a drawing can be accesses in a matter of seconds. Click here to see the new interface.


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