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CertainTeed Corporation File Management System

To test the effects of our group's implementation of this new system we observed several engineers and personally tried out the new system. Each member of our group, who over the past month has become well versed in the ways of CertainTeed's filing system, was timed in retrieving blue prints from the filing room. Remember that time, legibility, and ease of the system are of the essence when an engineer rushes into the filing room to look at the blue print for a piece of machinery that has just broken down in the middle of the night. The results we retrieved are as follows:

Search time comparison for old system and new system

Person Old System New System
Pat Stevens 11min. 32sec. 1min. 10sec.
Steve Bayzid 9min. 12sec. 0min. 49sec.
Manning Moxley 6min. 37sec. 0min. 32sec.
Ben Shaw 8min. 46sec. 1min. 39sec.
Peter Hardy 7min. 52sec. 0min. 22sec.
Pat Garbin 10min. 20sec. 0min. 41sec.

We have also concluded in our comparative analysis over the past month the following pluses and minuses, of the new filing systen versus the old filing system.

Attribute Old System New System
Speed Minus Plus
Legibility Minus Plus
Manipulation Minus Plus
Physical Size Minus Plus
Current Technology Minus Plus
Records- Originals Plus Minus

Our competitive analysis between the old and the new methods proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a much more "efficient" method of filing for CertainTeed. Our results show a much quicker speed of retrieval time with the Computer Aided Design System. The CAD also proved to be easier to manipulate and much more concise and legible. The only logical reason that we can see to retain the old filing system is just for recorded keeping of the original blue prints.

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