"Home of the Mexican Bulldog"


The Place: Mexicali Grille (There are three locations in Athens: Broad Street, Gaines School Road(pictured) and Atlanta Highway)


The Problem: The main problem customers stated was that they did not receive enough salsa with their tortilla chips. Mexicali uses only one 4 oz. bowl per table. Average consumption per table is much more.


The Solution: We came up with three solutions:

    1. Use larger bowls for the salsa to serve to customers.
    2. Use the 4 oz. bowl but bring an extra 8 oz. container full of salsa that customers can use to refill the 4 oz. bowl at their discretion.
    3. Bring two 4 oz. bowls of salsa to customers instead of just one.


The manager we worked with choose to implement the second solution and said it has had considerable success.


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The "Mob" consists of: Doug Black, Bryant Dromey, Steve Molinari, Emily Lai, Jamie Williford, Jason Byrd, Eric Gan, Pei Fung Too, Terry Purcell, Scott Strean, and Emily Morrow



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