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Our project is on the Athens Printing Company
Athens Printing Company is a local, family owned establishment that both prints and ships various materials such as text books all over the country. They do have some problems though. Their biggest problem concerns their shipping and warehouse organization. That is where group 8, The Consultants, came into play. Our job was to help them cut down their costs and time wasted due to inventory problems. To do this we went and physically separated the dead stock from the active stock, labeled each item by stock number, title, and minimum amount required, and then organized it numerically. Also, we spoke to the owners of Athens Printing Company about using some of the new office space that they will soon be building to accommodate the cramped Shipping/Order Fulfillment Department in a better manner. By executing our plans, the company will save itself a great deal of time, energy, and money with their shipping.

Table of Contents

Pre-Process Improvement Work.

Process-What we thought would work.

What we did.

Post-Improvement Data

Overall Discussion Paper

Overall Statistics

Pre-Improvement Flow Chart

Floor Plan

Sample of Inventory Sheet

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