UGA Recycles Newspaper!

The University of Georgia generates approximately 700 tons of waste per month. Paper makes up 68% of the campus waste stream. When paper is made from waste paper rather than from virgin pulp, the manufacturing process requires less energy and significantly reduces the amount of air and water pollution.

Let's all do our part in keeping UGA green!

Where to Recycle

Locations of Newspaper Recycling Dumpsters
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Locations of Newspaper Recycling Bins
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Why Recycle?

Conserves natural resources and reduces the demand for both foreign and domestic materials.

Conserves landfill space by reducing the amount of solid waste generated.

Conserves energy used in the manufacutring, securing and transporting of products made from primary raw materials.

Generates revenue by selling many recyclables previously buried or burned.

Saves money by spending less on transportation costs and landfill fees.


Thanks to Mr. C. D. Kidd, III, the Recycling Coordinator for the University of Georgia and author of the preceding recycling information.

Kerry R. B. Meyers