Brooks Beard

Ben Halpert

Matt Hickman

Melodie Lewis

Wyatt Willoughby

Matt Yeoh

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Project location: South Milledge Video


At South Milledge Video, customers often don't know whether a video is available,

and if it is, they still may not know where that video is within the store. This is

because titles are grouped by genre, but not listed alphabetically. This is not only

inconvenientfor the customer, but becomes a problem when the store's one acting

employee is busyand cannot assist a customer in search of a particular video.


 How to remedy the problem?

The solution our group has chosen to implement is the creation of a notebook,

attached securely to the store counter, that lists all of the available movies

in alphabetical order. This eliminates the need for the customer to scour the

racks for the desired title. By providing this valuable information to the customer

independently, the problem is solved at a bare minimum of costs to the store.

The South Milledge Video

Available Movie Listing Notebook

Behind the counter notebook security

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