Executive Summary by Dos Equis “Dos Equis” originated from a random selection of cards that were distributed amongst the class. After given instructions, the group of seven individuals got together at the break of class and came up with the name of the group. The group began the process evaluating diverse businesses and their processes that could be improved for better efficiency. The Dos Equis group concluded that Sons of Athens would be the focus of the group project. After brainstorming, the group decided that the focus of the Man 320 project would be an organization consideration. One of the individuals of the group met with the owner of Sons of Athens and a couple of the front counter employees about the way the employees were scheduled to work and how many hours each week. Now that the group had a process to improve, the group began coming up with the negative aspects to having no official schedule for a certain number of employees (the waitresses that work behind the front counter). The group then came up with possible solutions and different possible schedules that would conform to both the owner’s schedule as well as the employee’s schedule. While the group was coming up with solutions, Dos Equis group also implemented ways to save money and cut back the number of employees by evaluating Sons of Athens busiest work hours. The arrangement of the presentation

Sons of Athens is located at 1573 Lumpkin street


The one problem that the Dos Equis group found when evaluating this restaurant is the fact that there was no official work schedule for the girls. The goal set for our group is to remedy a solution for schedule quandary. An otherwise well organized businessman, Mr. Pagonis preferred to call the scheduling of the girls work hours as he saw fit for business that particular week. Mr. Pagonis's current method of scheduling girls to work by calling them a day or two in advance, asking if it were convenient for the girls to come into work.


. The proposal that the Dos Equis group is issuing to Sons of Athens is a work schedule that maximizes working hours, maximizes worker output, and offers better customer relations