MAN 351 Project 
Cuby Systems Inc.

Mission Statement of the Team:

        For our company, we chose Cuby Systems Inc.  This is a small business that builds, services, and repairs computers.  In researching this company, our group found several areas that could use some slight improvements.  The area that we decided to target was the receiving section of the business.  Currently, all orders and repairs are filed manually via paperwork and are very unorganized.  Our plan is for Cuby Systems Inc.  to file all orders and repairs via computer database, using computerized service work forms.  In the past, orders have been lost and misplaced.  This new system will allow better organization of orders and better organization of orders and better handling of specific customer needs.

What CUBY stands for:

C= Computers
U= You
B= Build or Design
Y= Yourself

Problem We Address:

        In analyzing the company we as a team found a few problems with Cuby Systems.  None of course that could not be fixed by small procedures.  The main and foremost problem we discovered was there product processing.  By this we mean:  The receiving and delivery of the computers was in bad shape.  We as a team noticed that the recieving of the equipment was very unorganized and little record was kept of customer profiles.  So we went in and address this problem.

Links to Team's Work and Efforts: