The Boozcrew


Logan's Roadhouse

have come together to bring Athens the best possible steak.

Logan's Roadhouse of Athens is located right off the the loop on Altanta Highway. Logan's is a nationally acclaimed steakhouse that has been open for about two months maintaining record sales every week since they have opened.

The Problem

Unfortunatley, like in most resturants, Logan's has a high employee turnover rate. With the rush of employees coming and going the quality of the new employees is sometimes loss. This lack of employee quality has and will leak into the quality of the food.

The Solution

We (the Boozcrew) devised a trained program that will better monitor and organize a new employee's progress throughout a six to seven day training program. This training programs two biggest keys are the creation of a Head trainer postion in each area, and a employee check list that will ensure each step of training is being met.

The Boozcrew is:
Lenny Rindsberg, Scott Perdue, Mimi Veach, Drew Speaker, J.J., Murny Luo.

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