Mgmt3000, Schedule and OnLine Course Materials

Wk. #

Week Beginning


Measurement (Due Date/Time)

1 We/06/13

CO01: What is Management?

CO02: Schools of Management Thought

AT01: Initial Admin. Task (Fr/06/19 9:30am)

IR01: Leadership is an Art (Su/06/21 6pm)

2 Mo/06/22

CO02: Schools of Management Thought

CO03: Management Environments

CO04: Social and Ethical Responsibility

EX01: CO01, CO02, CO03 (Fr/06/26 9:30am)
3 Mo/06/29 CO05: The Global Marketplace

CO06: Workplace Diversity

CO08: Entrepreneurship


4 Mo/07/06 CO08: Entrepreneurship

CO09: Organizational Planning

CO10: Strategic Management

CO11: Decision Making

IR02: The Seven Habits... (Tu/07/07 6pm)

EX02: CO04, CO05, CO06, CO08 (Th/07/09 8:00am)

5 Mo/07/13 CO11: Decision Making

CO12: Job Design

CO13: Organizational Design

EX03: CO09, CO10, CO11, CO12 (Fr/07/17 9:30am)

6 Mo/07/20 CO14: Human Resources

CO15: Teamwork


7 Mo/07/27 CO16: Motivation

CO17: Leadership

CO18: Communication

IR03: Rethinking America (Tu/07/28 6pm)

EX04: CO13, CO14, CO15, CO16 (Fr/07/31 9:30am)

8 Mo/08/03 CO18: Communication

CO19: Organizational Change & Control

FX01: CO17, CO18, CO19 Comprehensive Short Answers (Th/08/06 12noon - 3pm)

The schedule and online materials are subject to change, if necessary. Individuals are responsible for any changes announced via sessions, EMail, Discussion List or Web postings.